The Good News

The Good News are a brand new comedy double act consisting of the "disappointingly attractive" Charlie Robb and the "underwhelmingly sexy" Sam Knights. Writer-performer-buds who met at Cambridge looking for a good time. GSOH.

"Daft, confident and genuinely funny"
★★★★★ – Three Weeks

"Charlie Robb is hilarious and explosive"
★★★★ – Rogue Reviews

"Cunning and overwhelmingly fresh"
★★★★ – The Edinburgh Festival List



Charlie Robb

Charlie Robb miraculously graduated with a degree in Classics from Cambridge in 2016. Charlie hails from the irresistibly sticky town of Preston in Lancashire, which he describes as the "Jewel of the North" behind the major cities and all of Yorkshire. Besides his ambition to ultimately become the British version of Chris Pratt, Charlie has an unabating hunger to write and perform comedy for stage and television. He has written and performed in numerous sketch shows including Up The Auntie at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe (★★★★ – The NewCurrent, ★★★★ – EdFringe Review), and in Cambridge: Breaking Down (9/10 – TCS) and Farewell Tim (★★★★★ – CTR.) As well as having performed at the Pleasance Theatre Islington and the Manchester Comedy Store, Charlie wrote and co-starred in the online mockumentary series Stacks. He also likes to play the guitar, and eat.


Sam Knights

Sam Knights is an English student at St Catharine's College, Cambridge. As a child, Sam visited Paris and developed a violent fear of French people after seeing that one of them had written the word "pain" on his bread bin. Now, as he reaches a period in his life some would call adulthood, Sam's passionate xenophobia is a lot less evidence-based and hopefully one day he will be able to ignore facts entirely. Indeed, on the whole, Sam is an extremely passionate man. Specifically, he is passionate about backgammon, Doctor Who, and the works of Karl Marx. But he is also passionate about comedy. Sam wrote his first sketch show at the age of fourteen and since then has written and performed in shows including Switch (★★★★★ – Varsity), Farewell Tim (★★★★★ – CTR), and Footlights Presents: Xylophone (★★★★★ – The Tab). In 2015, Sam wrote and directed "Potemkin's People", a play about political prisoners and space-travelling architects, and one day hopes to do this sort of thing as a job.

Romantic Encounters in a Darkened Room

In this new one-man comedy sketch show, Robb steps out alone to explore romance in the technological age, through original music, dark humour and false machismo

"Charlie Robb is hilarious and explosive"

★★★★ – Rogue Reviews

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Romantic Encounters in a Darkened Room

Farewell Tim




"If The Inbetweeners and Scary Movie had a child, It would be Romantic Encounters in a Darkened Room… Charlie Robb is hilarious and explosive (literally). He is at ease with the audience from beginning to end"
★★★★ – Rogue Reviews, March 2017

"Robb and Knights offer a cacophony of wonderfully bizarre scenes… Their respective comedic ranges and strengths are vastly different – Robb coolly delivers lines and is almost reminiscent of a jock, whilst Knights plays with physical comedy and buffoonery – and yet they expertly balance one another out to prevent over-exposure and to create a production that seems hardly lacking. Their exchanges appear natural and unforced, and the few improvised lines or mannerisms that they exhibit in response to one another add much to their combined charisma."
★★★★★ – Cambridge Theatre Review, January 2016

"Tim has died in a freak accident, so Charlie Robb and Sam Knights decide it would be most fitting to devise a sketch show in his honour. Over an hour of highly accomplished comedy, we get to know Tim and his two friends well. Weaving in discussions about their sketches and performance, akin to ‘That Mitchell and Webb Look’, their use of a narrative to tie together their hilarious observations and anecdotes works extremely well. There’s a twist that sees the story take a surprising turn, and one of the best forms of audience participation I have seen for a while. Daft, confident and genuinely funny, ‘Farewell Tim’ is one of my highlights of the Fringe so far."
★★★★★ – Three Weeks, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 2016

"It's downright lazy journalism to simply draw attention to the physical nature of a comedian and is to be avoided at all times. So, here goes: watching Charlie Robb and Sam Knights perform as a duo is a little bit like seeing Will Mellor and Rowan Atkinson perform together (at last!). Robb has the everyman charm of the Two Pints of Lager man (but funnier, obviously) while Knights moves, bends and contorts his face into such unruly shapes and curious emotion ranges that the Mr Bean actor could only stand back and admire. All that is fine and well, but do they have a show to back up their demeanours? As it happens they most certainly do, with Farewell Tim being a sketch-based homage to a departed pal. Of the routines which hit the mark (these can be numbered overwhelmingly in the majority), there's an amusingly awkward reference to Magic Mike, a spelling bee gone horribly wrong and a delightful short sketch which cleverly merges a cult 90s horror with an all-too contemporary shopping experience. The vintage store sketch might make an exaggerated nod to the League of Gentlemen and their local-shop nastiness, but in the main, there's a freshness to The Good News men and their daft slices of broken comedy. And just when you thought the end was nigh, they even throw in a cunning little twist to their recurring tale."
★★★★ – The List, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 2016